Saturday, January 20, 2018

Matty Mingay HotWheels Camaro

If it combusts fuel to create noise and motion, Matty Mingay is the man to talk to about exploring the limits of what’s mechanically possible, with smoke, smiles and some sweet air time often a by-product of his wild antics.

Hot Wheels Truck Jumps Commodore Ute

You would have seen Matt with his ever-growing Stuntz Inc roadshow at practically any motorsport event around the country, or even internationally, but don’t let the death-defying act fool you, each powerful performance is carefully calculated and carried out by a team of Australia’s best action sports professionals with safety as their highest priority.

Stuntz Inc Shed

Walking into Stuntz Inc HQ was like entering a childhood dream, with a stable of life-size HotWheels toys just waiting to be played with, including the Nitto-NT860-slaying Camaro and Mustang.

Matty Mingay Camaro Interior Roll Cage

“We’ve genuinely got the highest-developed drift cars in the country,” Matty states proudly. “The Camaro’s got a big-power carburetted V8 with a transaxle Albins gearbox out back, the Mustang has a supercharged V8, both have air jacks and are of the newest generation, so they were a big step up from our previous utes.”

Matty Mingay Camaro Engine Bay V8

“What we found though was that the increase in power and grip cut our tyre life in half, and we were already stressing the previous rubber we were using to failure,” Matt continues, “so we needed something that could handle putting on a show without risking bodywork damage with delamination. The NT860 proved to be the perfect fit as its long-life compound allows us to get the absolute most out of the tyre for each demo session, providing reliable grip without throwing chunks of tread as we blaze them all the way down to canvas.”

Stuntz Inc Commodore Ute Popped Tyre

“We’ve NEVER had one delaminate and they wear very evenly considering the hard time we give them,” adds Kent, Matty’s drift partner and owner of QLD’s famed Hi-Torque Performance. “The grip’s great too, I mean, I find it amazing that I can put down the Mustang’s 700rwhp in second gear through 245/45R18 NT860s, although once the car’s unsettled, it will happily turn the tyres in third or fourth. They work great for us, coming up to temperature really quickly and providing grip the whole way down, letting us stay on it the whole time we’re out there so that we’re putting on the best show we can.”

Stuntz Inc Mustang Hi-Torque Performance

When you experience this dynamic duo putting their modern muscle cars door-to-door first hand, you quickly realise how much faith they put in the components they use, from the Nitto tyres right through each mechanical component and to the drivers themselves, allowing them to put their talent to the tarmac time and time again.

Matty Mingay Stuntz Inc HotWheels Camaro Drift Queensland Raceway

If you’re yet to experience the Stuntz Inc spectacle, be sure to keep an eye on Matty’s Facebook page to see where you can catch the show next; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!