Ultra High Performance-Touring Tyre

The NT650 is an ultra high performance-touring radial.

Priced at the entry level, the NT650 allows the enthusiast driver to maintain absolute control in all conditions. A double centre rib provides increased stability at high speeds, when accelerating and under brakes. A unidirectional tread design performs exceptionally well in wet weather, evacuating water efficiently through slanted grooves and lateral slits. Engineered with durability in mind, the NT650 is a tyre for drivers who demand performance and affordability.

  • Tyre Overview
  • Enhanced Water Drainage
  • Large Shoulder Block
  • Wide Tread and Contact Patch
  • Large tread crown radius

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Water Drainage

Double wide grooves and two slit types in the tread enhance water drainage on straights and in corners.

Large Shoulder Block

Large shoulder block for enhanced cornering performance.

Wide Tread and Contact Patch

Wide tread and contact patch for improved handling response and stability.

Large tread crown radius

Optimised contact pressure distribution for improved handling response.

Performance Ratings

Dry performance
Wet performance


Sizes and Specs

Tyre Size Load Index/Speed Symbol Tread Depth
Inflated Dimensions Loaded Dimensions Approved Rim (Measuring Rim) Width (In.) Revs per Km
Overall Dia (mm) Overall Width (mm) Static Radius (mm) Static Width (mm) Dynamic Radius (mm)
185/65R14 86H 7.6 596 187 272 204 289 5-(5.5)-6.5 550
175/65R14 82H 7.5 584 175 267 191 283 5-(5)-6 561
205/70R15 96H 7.8 668 206 302 225 324 5-(6)-7 491