Friday, March 23, 2018

Work, play and everything in between; there’s not much that the Ford Ranger can’t do straight out of the box. Add a set of Fox 2.0s and a PSR body lift to fit 35-inch Grapplers with a total of 5.5-inches of lift, however, and you’ve got yourself a VERY capable rig.

It wasn’t just the subtly strong stance of William Johnstone’s Ranger that got us riled up though, with photos of this beast being put to work on practically a weekly basis really capturing our attention. Well, that, and Will’s fanaticism for Nitto’s Grappler range!

“I absolutely love my 35x12.50R17 Trail Grappler M/Ts,” exclaims Will, “they’re the best tyre I’ve ever had on any of my 4x4s hands down!”

“They’re just an awesome all-round tyre that hasn’t let me down no matter what I throw at them,” he continues. “They perform unreal in mud, sand and on the road every day for work and play! Plus they’re pretty awesome on the eye, which is a bonus.”

“I’ve had them on for around 2 years now and they’re starting to get low, so it’s almost due for another set. I’ve also just put a set of Terra Grapplers on my missus’ Prado and they’re great on the sand too with no road noise, so we won’t be running anything else but Nittos in our family for a long time!”